Search Engines

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What role do search engines play in Web design?

Search Engines

Search engines enable Web users to find information quickly. They are also a tool that can be used for marketing. When it comes to Web design technologies, it can help to know a bit about how these tools are used and what you can do to position your client's site well. This means that at the very least you will need to look into information about search engine optimization and submission.

Search engine submission means getting a particular Website listed with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista and others. This is a basic step that should always be done, and it can differ slightly, depending on which one you submit to. Most have directions for submission, but knowing a bit more about how they work can be advantageous.

Search engine optimization means positioning a site so that it will rank well on a search. This is becoming a specialty field in itself, but it is also something a Web designer should understand. There are many things that can be done to move a Website up in the rankings, and not all of them are complex. Taking a class in this subject can be a smart move for those in the field, as it will show you are serious about more than just delivering a Website.



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