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What are some advantages of being a freelance copy editor?

The Copy Editor

Copy editor jobs are a popular choice for professionals who are searching for freelance work. Many companies will outsource this type of work to contractors on a part-time or full-time basis rather than create a position in-house. This creates a good situation for both freelance editors and corporations. Freelancers can enjoy all the flexibility that comes with the lifestyle and companies have the advantage of not having to pay for benefits. This typically means a higher rate of pay for the freelancer as well.

Copy editors proofread and adjust copy before it goes to print (or on the Web), paying special attention to things such as style, spelling, and usage. Specific duties will vary depending on the project and the company. Some copy editors will write captions and titles, while others will even have a hand in designing the page. As a freelancer, the more experience you have doing a variety of these things, the better your chances for landing work with a company in a contract position.

What are some options for a freelance writer in terms of work?

Freelance Writing Options

There's a wide variety of options if you want to work as a freelance writer. Besides print publications such as books and magazines, freelancers also have the opportunity to do things such as write press releases, do business writing, or even become a content writer for the Web.

  • Business writers: These writers do things such as write copy for catalogs or create brochures and fliers.
  • Technical writers: These writers do things like create manuals for products.
  • Textbook writers: Textbook writers work on books for all levels of school, from elementary to college level.
  • Press release writers: Writers who write press releases also typically write other marketing materials, including position statements, press kits, and other collateral.
  • Content writers: Content writers often write for the internet, including content for websites and articles.
  • Print writers. These writers pen pieces for magazines, newspapers, and books.
  • Medical writers. This type of writer often works for a hospital or medical association.

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