Finding Jobs In Graphic Design

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How can I find a job in graphic design?

Finding Jobs In Graphic Design

Where can you look for graphic design jobs? There are many places to find employment in this field, but if you are hoping to connect with a position sooner rather than later, it may pay to get a little bit of help.

  • Consider your current contacts. People you know in the field may know of open slots you can interview for. If not, it can at least be a good idea to let them know you are looking in case they hear of something that they can pass your way.
  • Go to a professional. Talent agencies will work hard to find you a position and can be an invaluable resource. In a slow job market, they can also give you a bit of an edge.
  • Look through the "want ads". Although it may seem old-fashioned, plenty of people still run ads for vacant positions. Check on the Internet as well as in the newspaper.
  • Freelancing may be an option if you are willing to put in the extra time needed to get up and running.
Searching for a position in the field can be challenging; but there are many different ways to go about finding one. Don't limit yourself to just one approach either. The more venues you explore, the more likely you are to connect with something that works for you.



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