What About Cold Calling?

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Is cold calling worth a try?

What About Cold Calling?

If you are job hunting, you may want to consider "cold calling" as a way to begin the search. Although the idea of starting from scratch may at first seem unappealing, there are some advantages to looking for employment in this way.

Cold calling can pay off since you may wind up finding out about an available position before it is actually advertised. This can give you the jump on applying for the job before other people find out about it. Typically the best way to check is to call the human resources department and simply ask if they have any openings at this time. If there is nothing available, you can ask if they will let you send in a resume to keep on file for future reference.

Another good thing about approaching the job hunt in this way is that you can select employers that you are excited about working for. For example, if you are a freelance graphic artist, you can allot some time each week to cold calling potential clients--you may pick up another one this way. Or, if you are thinking about looking for another job, you can gradually start putting feelers out by calling around and seeing what may be available. Probably the best part about looking for a job this way is the fact that you can do it in addition to other approaches. Even if you are scanning the classified section every week and have signed on with a talent agency, you can still make some cold calls to see what is out there.



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