After The Interview

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What should I do after an interview?

After The Interview

The time after a job interview can offer an opportunity to reflect on the person you have spoken with. Once you have finished interviewing a candidate, take a few minutes to jot down any overall impressions you may have had during your time together. The time right after you talk is when your memories of the interview will be the most fresh. If you go back to work and launch right into a project, these thoughts will begin to fade.

List any additional questions that the interview may have raised, so that you can include them in a second interview if appropriate. Take a few moments to record anything you were particularly pleased with, or anything you really had a concern about. If the applicant isn't quite right for the particular position and you really think they are a good fit for the company, you may even want to see if there are any other job openings that would work well with their particular skills.

Freelance artist jobs or other, more independent positions may be a bit more flexible in terms of an exact match as they will probably work on a contract basis; possibly even from home. Every company is different as to what they are looking for when it comes to hiring freelancers, but after an interview you will probably have an impression as to whether the person seems right for the level of involvement you are looking for. A few quick key words can help you recall that information later on when it is time to make a decision.



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