Developing Interview Questions

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What are some tips for developing interview questions?

Developing Interview Questions

Developing good questions for a job interview is almost an art form. You'll have to know what to ask that will help you decide if someone is right for a position--without overstepping your boundaries and asking things that are inappropriate. You also need to be very careful that you don't ask questions that could be interpreted as discriminatory. If you aren't sure about a particular item, touch base with someone in your company. Another great resource to check is the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

A great way to get started writing questions for an interview is to use the job description to formulate them. For example, if you are looking to hire a freelance artist, write out a list of questions based upon the freelance artist description, and then narrow things down from there. You don't have to cover every point, but make sure that the main areas are touched on.

Try to ask open-ended questions that give people a chance to explain their thoughts. You are more likely to find the right match for the position that way, as simple yes or no answers don't allow for any extra information or insight into the person's response. Also, try to have your questions remain neutral in tone and subject so that you aren't "leading" the person down a particular path by the way something is phrased.



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