Navigating a Career Change

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How can I navigate a career change after freelancing for many years?

Navigating a Career Change

If your current job makes you feel "stuck" or burnt out, it might be time to take on a new kind of challenge. Making a career change can be intimidating, but it's certainly possible, and not uncommon.

You may need additional training in order to switch from one field to another. For example, if you're a copywriter who has only done print, you'll need to learn more about how to write for the Web before you begin a job search in earnest. You might just need to find a good webinar or brush up on a few skills. However, if you're trying to go in a totally different direction with your career, you may have to take several classes or get a particular certification.

Navigating a career change isn't easy. Working with a career agency that can help you target your kind of job in a specific location can make the process easier. For example, there are all kinds of Los Angeles graphic design jobs out there. A talent agency can give you an edge and save you time by connecting you with contacts that they've already made.



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