Getting Feedback on Your Portfolio

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Where should I look for feedback on my portfolio?

Getting Feedback on Your Portfolio

It doesn't matter whether you're one of the top New York designers or are just getting started in your new career, there are some things that always will remain the same. For example, successful designers know that they have to keep their portfolios updated and fresh, and this means getting some feedback on what to include from time to time.

Feedback can come in many forms, such as:

  • Professional feedback. This is extremely valuable and can help keep you up-to-date on the latest trends in terms of showcasing your work. Portfolio reviews and coworker feedback provide solid insight on your work from those who have their fingers on the pulse of what's happening in the field.
  • Client feedback. Pay special attention to any feedback you receive from clients (or potential clients), as these are the people who will be hiring you—or who are already paying you.
  • Talent agencies. Talent agencies can help you select some of your best work to highlight and give you some direction on what to include in your portfolio.
  • Personal contacts. Although these are not "pro" opinions, sometimes you might be able to fine-tune a detail or two based on feedback from friends or family. Use this type of feedback carefully, though—if they aren't professionals, don't weigh it too heavily.



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