Tools to Help with Social Marketing

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How can I manage all of my social media accounts?

Tools to Help with Social Marketing

If you're going to be working in of the many social marketing jobs out there, employ some of the tools that are available to make your life easier. Signing in and out of different social media accounts can be time-consuming. Managing a bunch of different passwords is also difficult. Here are some ways to manage your time wisely:

  • Take advantage of automatic updates. If you're working on a blog, set it up to automatically update to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, depending on which sites you use.
  • Utilize a "dashboard" program. Managing all of your social media accounts from one screen will help cut down on time spent logging in and out. Also, programs such as Hoot Suite or Tweet Deck will let you update your status across all of your accounts at one time.
  • Schedule tweets. Pre-scheduling tweets can free you up to do other things during the course of the day and keep you from being tied to your computer constantly.
Managing your social media time is crucial. Take a look at the tools that are available to make this job easier and you'll find more time to tend to other important tasks.



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