Marketing: Social Media Experience

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How important is it to know something about social media?

Marketing: Social Media Experience

These days the words "social media" are huge in the marketing field. Companies everywhere are realizing the importance of having a digital strategy, and they're employing people to handle this aspect of their marketing plan. Because of this, social media jobs have been increasing.

If you're already a marketing professional, you're in a good position to add this type of work to your skill set. Combining traditional marketing skills with social media experience can give you an edge over those who only do more traditional Web-based marketing. This is true whether you freelance or are looking for a position within a company.

Marketing professionals must always be on the lookout for the next big thing, and right now, social media is it. Invest a little bit of time and educate yourself on the basics so that you can hold an intelligent conversation about digital strategy should the subject arise in a job interview. It just may mean the difference between getting the position or losing it to someone with that type of experience.



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