Corporate Design

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What is corporate design?

Corporate Design

If you're looking for graphic design or artist jobs, don't forget that all companies, whether they're in the creative, business, or healthcare industries, employ designers. Depending on their size and other factors, companies may hire freelance designers or have in-house designers to help them create and maintain a solid, polished company image. This is done by making sure that all of the collateral used for communications has the look and feel that the company wants to put forth. The idea is similar to branding, but it isn't just reserved for the public face of the corporation—it also creates an internal identity for those who work on-site.

The size of the company will typically dictate how many people they have working in this capacity. Corporate design involves consistent messaging of the logo, tagline, and other imagery that helps identify the brand to those inside and outside the company. Smaller companies may be able to employ a part-time freelancer for this type of work, but large corporations will often have several employees working on this full-time.



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