Magazine Design

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Can graphic designers work for a magazine?

Magazine Design

Magazine design is an exciting arena for graphic designers, which helps make it a highly competitive field. Similar to art director work for a catalog, creating magazine covers and layouts requires a particular kind of expertise. Designers who want to go into this type of career must be able to understand things such as the "voice" of the publication, the readership of the magazine, and how to create a headline that has visual impact.

Those who work in this capacity must be able to communicate well with all of the other people who work on the magazine. They're part of a team that creates the publication, all the way from concept to the newsstand. Editors, writers, and other designers all collaborate to make the finished product look good and represent the brand.

Advertising and copy create the need for smart layout, and each magazine has a different look and feel to it. Graphic designers help preserve that image from one issue to the next, while keeping things fresh and interesting to the reader. It's a challenging job, but it also can be a lot of fun.



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