Digital Designers

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What do digital designers do?

Digital Designers

One of the most popular specialties in the graphic design field digital design. These days it doesn't matter if you're going to be a production artist or an art director—some experience in the digital realm is required. Computers serve as the basis for digital manipulation, and this has been true ever since the 1980s, when the Macintosh first made a splash on the design scene. The words "graphic design" and "computers" really go hand-in-hand. Even so, a digital designer delves far deeper into the possibilities of what can be done with computers than most people in the graphic design field.

Digital designers manipulate images such as photographs and drawings to create ad campaigns and other marketing collateral. This work is often highly technical and requires the use of advanced computer programs. Although much of the work in digital design is eventually used for print, some of it is used on the Web as well. Design projects in this arena can be extremely complex, and they require a good amount of skill in visual form-making in addition to the obvious technical abilities needed to make the idea become a reality.



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