Graphic Design: Getting Your First Job

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What advice can you give someone who is just beginning a job search in the graphic design field?

Graphic Design: Getting Your First Job

If you're fresh out of school and looking for graphic design jobs, it can be a little intimidating at first. After all, the job market these days is tight, and you'll likely be going up against other people who have quite a bit more job experience. Do what you can to prepare yourself for the job search so you can interview with confidence.

One step in the process is preparing your design portfolio. Many schools will provide some help in this regard, be it a teacher who's willing to advise you or a more structured program for portfolio review. You'll want to be sure to get plenty of input on the work you include so that you feel secure that it's your best work. Once you have the portfolio assembled and your resume ready to go, you can begin searching for places to interview.

Having your paperwork in order prior to starting the job hunt will make you feel more confident. If you take a little time to prepare, you can concentrate on the actual interview process instead of trying to do both things at once.



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