Creative Directors: Education Basics

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What education do I need in order to become a freelance creative director?

Creative Directors: Education Basics

If you are thinking about becoming a freelance creative director, you may wonder what type of education you'll need. This is actually not an easy question to answer. For the most part, creative directors move up to this type of position based on their experience and talent, not on schooling alone. That said, certain backgrounds in a variety of education programs can help build a solid foundation for this type of career.

For the advertising field, having a degree in fine arts or communication design is a great way to show you know the basics. Some creative directors have a background or degree in copywriting, and simply show an aptitude for design work in addition to their writing. Regardless of the actual degree you have, being able to display a wide range of technical skills is extremely desirable, so familiarity with a variety of graphic design software is also an advantage. If you are going to go freelance, it is a good idea to have already done some work at this level for an established company.



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