Web Design: On The Job Training

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Is it possible to know all of the different possibilities a client may come to you with in Web design?

Web Design: On The Job Training

If you are working as a freelance Web designer, there are times you may need to do some on the job training. If you have a client that comes to you with a particular idea for their Website and you don't know how to make it happen for them, you basically have two choices: tell them you can't do it--or--learn how.

For this reason, freelance Web design can be a challenging field. There are so many different options in terms of what is out there in the industry, and it just isn't possible to know all of them. Still, when a client comes to you with a job, you'll want to take it if you can.

Try to evaluate the situation and see if you will be able to learn the skills needed in time to complete the work to the clients specifications and satisfaction. Sometimes it may be as easy as taking a Web based class or tutorial. If not, you may want to recommend them to another designer with expertise in that area.



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