Disadvantages Of Web Based Training

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What is one of the main disadvantages of Web-based training?

Disadvantages Of Web Based Training

One of the main disadvantages of Web based training is that if you don't understand something, there is often no one to ask. Most training programs of this type make every effort to avoid this problem, yet it can still arise. This is especially true in the more basic programs, such as tutorials. If this happens to you, make sure you follow up on whatever the concept was you didn't understand.

How can you do this? When you come across an idea or concept that you don't understand, jot down a few notes about it, including how the question was phrased along with any possible answers given. That way you can look up the information after you finish the training.

If the problem you have is with directions, it can be an issue. Try to do the best you can with the information given and use other test questions or directions for clues as to the correct way to proceed. It may also help to come back to the training later and see if a fresh look might help.



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