The Mobile Web

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What does the mobile Web mean for designers?

The Mobile Web

These days, technology is rapidly advancing and the Web is becoming more and more mobile. As people begin to search for information from their phones, laptops have become smaller and more portable, and because of all of this the Web designer's job will have a new set of challenges.

New and emerging Web technologies are beginning to look more closely at things such as all-in-one devices and built-in wireless technology. In the future, it seems possible that a Web designer might be asked to set up a phone, load an MP3 player and put up a Web page--all for the same client. The iPhone has begun a trend in mobile technology that looks as though it will not only continue, but flourish as time goes on.

The mobility factor also means that things such as remote storage and compressed files may take on a new importance. Although it isn't yet clear which direction things will go, a good designer will be paying attention to the advances and readying themselves to meet them as they come. The mobile Web is something to keep an eye on in that regard.



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