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Should I know how to blog as a Web designer?


Blogging has become popular across the Web, and continues to flourish. A blog is a series of posts, often with a personal touch, listed in reverse chronological order. There are several different hosting services for blog setup, including WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and Vox. As a Web designer you may be asked to set up a blog on a Website, or help someone create a blog. This should be a fairly easy skill to add, and it is a smart one to have in your arsenal.

Blogs tend to have particular features, such as photos, comments and a "blogroll," which is a list of recommended blogs. The interface for using a blog is typically very user-friendly since it is designed for people with little to no HTML experience. This means as a Web designer you should be able to pick up on how to blog very quickly.

Many companies are now starting blogs to promote their businesses. This makes it more likely you will be asked to set something like this up eventually, so having some basic knowledge about it on the front end can be extremely helpful. If you are a freelance designer, you may even want to start one to promote your own business.



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