The Web Camera

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Are Web cameras useful to designers?

The Web Camera

Web cameras have been one of the new and emerging Web technologies to appear on the scene, and they can be very beneficial to designers. Since work on the Web is often done remotely, using a Web camera can help personalize interactions over the computer and add another dimension to a conversation. Videoconferencing is one possibility, as well as one-on-one video calls.

Some computers have built-in Web cameras these days, and a webcam can be added to those that don't. The cameras are very easy to use and you can typically turn them off if you prefer to be on a call without video. Web cameras are also being used in some places for security purposes.

You'll have to take a look at your business and see if using a Web camera could be right for you, but many people find them a useful addition to the office environment. Overall they are fairly inexpensive as well. Think about what applications you might use a Web camera in and evaluate if it could be a worthwhile investment for your business.



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