Your Laptop Setup

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What are some upgrades to consider for a laptop as a designer?

Your Laptop Setup

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop coming up with ideas or doing research, you may want to consider some upgrades for your graphic design studio setup. For those who travel frequently between work and home, a docking station may be a very practical investment. Docking stations save you the trouble of dealing with a variety of cables every time you move your computer. Just slide your laptop in, and you're ready to go.

Cooling systems are another good option for those who spend endless hours on the computer at work. Since graphics naturally place a large demand on your computer's resources, a cooling system can help keep your laptop from overheating. There are many different varieties available.

Many designers prefer to use a full computer rather than a laptop, due to resolution capacity and monitor size. Still, it can be nice to bring things home to go over on your personal computer or laptop. A portable hard drive can be a great investment for this purpose--that way you can take things back and forth without too much trouble.



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