Ergonomics: Workstation Setup

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What are some ergonomic issues to consder in terms of workstation setup?

Ergonomics: Workstation Setup

What the setup is like inside a Web design studio or graphic design company can make a big difference when it comes to your body and how it feels. If you haven't yet overhauled your workstation to make sure you are set up well ergonomically; now is the time. Here are some tips on how to make the most of things while being kind to your limbs:

  • Use a headset if you are on the phone a good deal.
  • Make sure that frequently used items are easy to access and use.
  • Use your mouse at the same level as your keyboard.
  • Try to keep your wrists in a neutral position, not bent.
  • Change positions often and rest your eyes frequently.
One very important thing to remember is that if you are feeling pain anywhere, you may be developing a repetitive stress injury (RPI) from overuse or improper use. If you find something is bothering you, take a look at the tasks you're doing and setup you have for that part of your body to see if you can make any healthy changes or adjustments.



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