Graphic Design: Choosing A Computer

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What are some factors that graphic designers should consider when it comes to choosing a computer?

Graphic Design: Choosing A Computer

It doesn't matter if you are in a Chicago graphic design studio or one in Atlanta, your choice of computer is an important one. Since graphic design is such a visual field, not just any laptop or desktop will do the work that you need with the speed that you require.

A large screen is pretty much a priority for your setup, and preferably one that is high resolution so that the detail comes through well in images and graphics. Deciding whether you want to go with a Mac or a PC is another thing you'll need to consider. Other things you don't want to skimp on are processing power and memory. Since the computer is such a big part of your job, it pays to invest wisely.

You will probably also have your own personal preferences in terms of a computer. Some people like to work on a laptop for mobility, while others prefer a more traditional workstation. Think about your likes and dislikes and see what you can do to customize the features. Ultimately it will make you more productive if you can arrange things the way you like them.



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