Looking At The Data

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How can reviewing data help be build a global Website?

Looking At The Data

If you're trying to create a Website with global appeal, you'll want to find out what that means in terms of the particular customer base you are trying to reach. The best way to do this is by reviewing data that can tell you more about the approach you should take. If you don't have any market research, you may want to hire a freelance marketing professional or someone who can pull together some information for you to review.

If market research says that your heaviest customer base is going to be in Europe, you'll want to be sure that your measurements are listed in centimeters and meters as well as inches and feet. You'll also want to try and get an idea of how much demand there may be for your product in the global market so that you can estimate your production needs.

Are you going to use English as the language for the Website? Again, check out your markets before you commit to this. It may make sense for you to consider another language, or at the very least, give the customer options to choose from.



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