The Shopping Experience

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Should I be concerned about customizing my shopping experience on the Web?

The Shopping Experience

If you're looking to set up a smooth shopping experience on the Web, you'll need to consider how people like to shop for their goods. While at first this may seem easy, it is actually fairly complex. You'll want to be able to build a Website that is user-friendly in the global marketplace--especially in the areas of the world where you have the most customers.

Do you know where your primary customer base is located? What information do you have about how they like to shop on the Web? The answer to these simple questions can help you get started on the road to customization with your Web designer.

If you do some market research you may find out that you should make sure the customer has a running total as they shop--or maybe you'll want to choose a particular visual layout based on what your customer base would prefer. What you decide on will differ based on where in the world your heaviest concentration of customers is located.

Make sure you communicate that information to your designer so they can select a setup that will work best for international Web design--and for the regions of the world you would like to focus on.



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