Shopping On The Web

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Are there any global issues involved with shopping on the Web?

Shopping On The Web

Once upon a time we ordered things from catalogues or leisurely browsed through the department store to check out the sales. Although these things still exist, the on-line market has become a player in the field as well. Not only can you shop on the Web, but you can buy things from all over the world--just with the click of a mouse.

The evolution of worldwide shopping on the Web has created a new niche for Web designers as well. Shopping carts are the norm in terms of purchasing on-line goods, and their installation has become part of the portfolio of services that is often expected of Web designers.

Setting up a shopping cart nowadays means taking global Web design principles into account. Since one never knows what country the customer is coming from, there must be provisions to address their particular currency and postage needs. Smart businesses will take these factors into account and look for Web designers that are able to do this type of work.



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