Working With Fonts

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Do fonts matter when it comes to global Web design?

Working With Fonts

Fonts may not seem to be much of an issue when it comes to creating an international Web design concept, but the truth is the one you select can be very important. The typeface on a Website can definitely have a major impact on its global appeal.

Some cursive fonts can be extremely difficult to read and may not work well on a Website that needs to be clear and simple. In addition, some fonts use all capital letters; which can sometimes be interpreted as rude or as improper etiquette. The shade you select for lettering may play a role as well, as colors can have a cultural meaning.

Thinking through your font selection can save you from problems down the line, so don't push this issue to the side before you do a little investigating. Browse other Websites that have global audiences and see what they are doing to see if you can get some ideas. You may be able to find some smart strategies you can use for your own work.



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