Working With Color

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What should I know about working with color on the Web?

Working With Color

If you are employed at a design agency, you will eventually need to learn how to use color for different global populations. Sometimes you may be limited in the amount of input you have in terms of color selection, but if asked, you should be able to speak intelligently about different choices and your reasons behind them in terms of the global marketplace.

Throughout the world different colors can mean different things. Colors that in some cultures represent prosperity and luck may mean negative things in others. If you work with a company that does business overseas, you'll want to do a little investigating as to what colors mean in the countries your client will be doing business with. If you can offer them some input on this, it will increase their confidence in your abilities and ultimately, deliver a more targeted product.

These days it isn't enough to have a good knack for color selection. If you'll be specializing in global Web design then you must have a good grasp of this subject and how it can affect your client. With the expansion of on-line marketing and shopping it is becoming an increasingly important facet of the Web design industry.



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