Web Designer Skills

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What are some of the skills needed for a career in Web design?

Web Designer Skills

Web designers need a particular group of skills in order to perform their work well. Some of these may come naturally, but many can be learned. For example, an aptitude for selecting complementary colors is a skill that would be of great benefit to a person who designs Websites for a living. A good sense of space and layout are other desirable qualities, as is the knowledge of how to set up a site that is easy to navigate. These skills are taught in the design classroom in a variety of different courses.

Web design careers require more than "hard" skills however. People skills are also a big plus, as you will be dealing with clients who have expectations of how their Website will look and work. If you are able to communicate with them easily and understand their wants, needs and concerns, you are probably going to do a lot better than someone who lacks those skills. A good blend of technical ability and communication skills is the perfect combination for a career in Web design.



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