Web Design: Training

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What training is required of Web desingers?

Web Design: Training

So what training do you need to successfully launch a Web designer career? Actually, there is no one "right" answer to this question. Since this field is still fairly new compared to many others, there is less formal education available--although that is now rapidly beginning to change. Different companies will list a variety of requirements for jobs in the field. That said, an education does give you an advantage when it comes to finding employment.

Training in design with an emphasis on Web applications can give you an edge in this field. So can having a good portfolio of Websites that you have designed; since ultimately it is the proof of your ability. After all, the bottom line is really whether or not you can create a Website. If you do opt to take classes in Web design, try to find a college, university or technical school that has an established program rather than just taking a few courses if possible. That way you can also network at the same time you are learning.

The ability to do Website design is not the only thing that potential employers will be looking at. They will also want to see that the Websites you build are "user-friendly," and that you are able to create a variety of different looks. Some companies may need extra features such as a shopping cart or a newsletter sign up, so the more options you can show them on Websites you have created, the better.



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