Dropping Off Your Portfolio

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What are some tips for dropping off or mailing a portfolio?

Dropping Off Your Portfolio

Once you have a freelance designer portfolio, it is time to shop your work around. Sooner or later you'll probably be asked to either mail or drop off your portfolio so that it can be reviewed. There are some things to know about this process, and attending to these details will help you come across as a professional.

First of all, don't use original pieces for a portfolio that is being mailed or left at a company. Instead, use high-quality scans or photocopies of your work and make sure they are labeled. If you will be mailing it, make sure you package the portfolio well, and include a business card and cover letter. If you are dropping it off, make sure that you have someone from the company sign it in so that there is a record of it being delivered. You will be given instructions as to how to pick it up again.

Sometimes you will receive a request for an interview after your portfolio has been reviewed. Other times you may wind up with some notes on your work that you can use to improve your portfolio. It depends on whether or not the company is interested in hiring you after looking at your work.



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