The Designer Profile

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How can I develop a designer profile?

The Designer Profile

Developing a designer profile is a great way to articulate your work experience, education and philosophy as a designer. It can also be a wonderful tool for self-promotion. Networking sites on the Internet use profiles to provide information about people at a glance so that those interested can get in touch. A profile can also be included with a resume as a way to highlight details about your design experience and style that may not fit well in a standard format.

If you haven't yet done so, take a little time to write out some thoughts about your influences as a designer. Try your hand at writing your own philosophy. Jot down any unique training or partnerships you have had in your career. If you have won any awards, you may want to include them as well.

From here you can begin to compile a good profile piece that hits the highlights of your career while explaining your design philosophy. This is time well spent, as once it is done, all you need to do is periodically update it. Designer profiles are a great tool for freelancers as well, and can be used to scout out jobs, or simply as an informational piece on your Website or in your promotional material.



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