Graphic Design: Choosing A Specialty

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What are some thoughts on specializing in a career as a graphic designer?

Graphic Design: Choosing A Specialty

When setting up your graphic designer career for the long term, it can help to think about specializing in a particular area. In order to do this, you first need to be able to define what that area is and then make sure you get some training in it so that you are marketable. This may not be necessary when you are first starting out, but as you become more established, it can help insure your longevity in the field.

These days, the demand for graphic designers who are "Web savvy" is high. Website design is one possibility as there is plenty of coursework you can take to get qualified for this area if you aren't already. There are also designers who consult on page layout and logo placement for Websites and other related collateral on-line.

Other areas of specialty can include things such as product or packaging design, logo development, advertising and positions within the newspaper industry. As you go along in your career, you may begin to find one more appealing than the others. Try to keep an eye out for what you would enjoy most, and then look into it in more detail so you can find out about the particular skill set that is needed to work in that arena. Once you have some experience, it can be fairly easy to cross-train into another area in the field if you find something you think you would be happy doing.



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