Jobs In Graphic Design

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What are some of the different types of careers in graphic design?

Jobs In Graphic Design

If you are curious about the different types of graphic design careers out there, you aren't alone. There are many different ways that a graphic designer can find employment, simply because there are so many ways that their skills can be utilized. Here are some examples of jobs that graphic designers typically hold, along with their median annual earnings in 2006 as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Printing and related activities: $33,930
  • Advertising and related services: $41,600
  • Specialized design services: $43,410
  • Newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers: $34,290
  • Newspaper publishers: $31,540
These industries are the ones that most often employ graphic designers, but there are others as well. There are many designers that do freelance work in addition to their full-time career, and some that make a living through their freelance work alone. If you look through the classifieds in any newspaper, you are likely to see a wide variety of ads for graphic designers.

The range of positions keeps this industry interesting, but the variety can also mean specific training and specialization. Experience on the Web, in photography or in certain types of computer applications can be helpful, as can marketing or advertising experience.



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