Graphic Design: Employment Outlook

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What is the employment outlook for graphic designers?

Graphic Design: Employment Outlook

If you're looking for career information on graphic design, one of the things you'll want to know is what the employment outlook is for the field. This is influenced by several factors, such as demand for the type of service provided by graphic designers and the availability of people who are qualified to meet those needs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers held just over 260,000 jobs in 2006 and about one quarter of them were self-employed. The growth expected in the field is expected to be about average--about ten percent by 2016. Since it is such a desirable field, the competition for jobs is expected to be fairly keen as people continue to be drawn to this type of work.

The lower-level positions may begin to face a downturn, as many companies have begun to outsource some of this work to overseas companies and designers. Those who have been in the field and are in higher-level positions should be fairly insulated from this trend, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. This does not necessarily mean that a career in this field is a bad idea, but if you are interested in becoming a graphic designer, it can help to be aware of the current employment situation.



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