Graphic Designers: Going Freelance

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What is involved in a freelance career as a graphic designer?

Graphic Designers: Going Freelance

Have you ever wondered what it would take to become a freelance graphic designer? If working for yourself seems appealing, you may want to consider going that route rather than working in a corporate environment. Freelancing can be a wonderful job, but there are certain things you will need to be able to do to make this type of career happen. If you are thinking about going freelance, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • How's your portfolio? If you can look at it and say it is very strong, freelancing may be an option. If not, you may want to consider building it a bit before taking the plunge.
  • Do you have the equipment needed to design on your own? Take stock of what you have and see if it is enough to perform your work solo. If not, you may want to wait until you can invest in the proper tools.
  • Are you comfortable working by yourself? Some people prefer working in an environment where there are others around, while some thrive on their own.
  • Do you have the discipline needed to freelance? Getting clients, keeping the books and working on a variety of different projects at once can seem overwhelming to some people. If you are a self-starter that enjoys multi-tasking, freelancing may be for you.Consider these and other questions as you look at a freelance career in graphic design. It can be a rewarding choice if it is a good match for your skills and personality. If not, you may want to think about joining a graphic design agency or signing on at a company that gives you a more structured environment where you'll be more comfortable in the long run.



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