Networking: Your Chamber Of Commerce

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Should I join my local Chamber of Commerce?

Networking: Your Chamber Of Commerce

Whether you are a freelance graphic artist or a high-powered company executive, there is a valuable business resource that is available to you--your local Chamber of Commerce. Belonging to this organization can help raise your visibility, give you an opportunity to talk with other business people and increase your business contacts. It is worth considering for those reasons alone.

Although every Chamber of Commerce is a little bit different, most offer networking events as well as social gatherings, and many provide websites and other promotional material for their members. They also advocate for local businesses and provide information on things ranging from taxes to grant money. The dues are typically affordable; especially when you look at all of the support they provide.

Take a moment to consider what services and "perks" your Chamber of Commerce offers its members and see if they are things that would benefit you. They can be especially helpful for those who have their own business or who are working in a freelance capacity. If you aren't sure you want to join, try talking with a representative there to see what they can tell you about the organization and make a decision based on what you learn.



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