Negotiating The Offer

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What are some tips for negotiating a job offer?

Negotiating The Offer

The interview is over, the job offer has been extended--and you are feeling relieved. But guess what? It isn't over yet! Even if a company wants to hire you as a freelance copywriter or full-time graphic designer, nothing is final until the negotiations are over. This can be especially difficult if you have more than one offer on the table.

Negotiating a salary and benefits can be a tricky part of the job hunt. Sometimes you may get lucky and the company will offer you everything you want; but other times you may have to press a bit for perks or hold out for a better salary. What then?

First of all, ask yourself what is most important. If it is pay, then concentrate on that. If you need good benefits, that will be your focal point. Everyone is a little different when it comes to what they are looking for in a job. Only you will know what your key factors are.

Figure out ahead of time what your bottom line is in terms of salary. If you know how much you need to earn, then one factor will be taken care of. Then, weigh your offers to decide if there is a way to decide between two similar jobs. For example, if vacation time is more important to you than making a long commute to work you can take those factors into consideration when making your final choice.



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