The Job Search: Do Your Homework

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How can I learn more about a company before my interview?

The Job Search: Do Your Homework

It doesn't matter if you are interviewing to be a financial consultant, brand manager or vice president; you'll want to learn as much about the organization as you can before you sit down to talk with someone there about a job. Take some time out to research the company and learn more about them so that you are prepared to answer questions based upon what you learn. Here are some helpful things to check out ahead of time:

  • Company mission and vision. Many companies will have a mission statement, which can also be accompanied by a vision statement on their website or in their promotional materials. These ideas are what is at the core of the company in terms of belief and direction, so they will help you gain an understanding of what is important to that particular organization.
  • Job description, if available. Take a good look at what the company is looking for in terms of the position you are applying for and try to determine what makes you suited to the role. This can help you be prepared to give intelligent, well thought out answers when asked why you would be a good choice for the job.
  • The company website. This resource can tell you a good deal about the company. It can give you an idea of their structure, history and other details that will equip you to talk intelligently about the organization at the interview.
These are just some of the resources available that can help you prepare for the big day. Any insight you have into a company will be helpful when you sit down with someone to talk about a job.



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