Consider Exit Interviews

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Why are exit interviews helpful?

Consider Exit Interviews

Does your company utilize exit interviews? While at first it may seem that an exit interview has nothing to do with hiring the perfect candidate for a job at your organization; that actually isn't the case. This type of interview can help you learn about how employees see their role in the company. It can also help point out any strengths and weaknesses; giving you the opportunity to address them and improve the work environment. Even a freelance artist may be able to offer you valuable feedback.

If you have a human resources department, you may want to assign this duty to them. You'll need to decide if the interview will be formal or casual, and what type of paperwork will be involved. Some things that are typically included on an exit interview form include:

  • Employee name, identification number, job title and termination date
  • The reason why they are leaving and if they will be eligible for re-hire
  • Comments by the employee and the interviewer
  • Questions such as their areas of satisfaction with the company/position and any areas of frustration or dissatisfaction.
You can opt to include other questions as well, based upon what you are hoping to learn about your company. In order to use the exit interview as a tool to improve your work environment, be sure that the appropriate people are contacted based upon the feedback given in the review. Positive feedback as well as improvement opportunities should both be highlighted.



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