Interviewing: The Information Exhange

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How can telling an interviewee about the company and job position help make sure I hire the best candidate?

Interviewing: The Information Exhange

A good interview is more than a question and answer session; it is also an exchange of information. You learn about a potential employee or contractor--and they learn about your organization as well. The flow of information should really go both ways to make sure the match is a good one. For example, if you are interviewing freelance creative directors, not only will you want to see if someone is a good fit for your organization, but you'll also want to tell them about what it is like to work for your company. If both parties are satisfied with what they learn; the match is likely to be a great one.

The beginning of an interview is the perfect time to give a potential new-hire a brief overview of the work environment, company history and the job position. Spend a few minutes talking about these things to help candidates feel more comfortable, as well as answer any questions they may have going into the interview.

The end of the interview is another good time to answer questions and explain anything that you feel may need clarification. This type of information exchange is helpful to have the interviewee learn more about your organization, but it is also a way to help you learn more about them as well. The kind of questions that they ask can help you discover things that you may not have seen in the interview.



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