How can I avoid being late for a job interview?

Interview Blunder: Tardiness

Most people are aware of the fact that showing up on time for an interview is important. Still, people mess up from time to time, which begs the question--how can you avoid being late for an interview? Here are some top tips for getting there on time:

  • Scope out the site before the day of the interview. If you'll be driving, find out what the parking situation is. If you are taking the train, look for a nearby coffee shop that you can hit if you arrive early. Make a note of how long it took you to get there.
  • Leave ample time to get to the building. Try and account for everything from traffic to weather--and build in plenty of buffer time. Add ten or fifteen minutes to whatever you come up with.
  • Don't go in too early. Arriving an hour early can look as bad as coming late. Find something to do if you get there with time to spare. Go to the library and research creative director careers (or whatever your field is), take a walk in the park to calm your nerves or read the paper and grab a cup of coffee.
  • Ask for directions. If you don't want to ask the person who will be interviewing you, call the human resources department or operator and ask for directions. You can also look them up on the Internet.
  • Double check the directions. If you know someone who lives in the area where you'll be interviewing, ask them if they know the building you will be going to. If you don't know anyone nearby, check out the information you've been given on a map.
  • If you simply can't avoid being late, call as soon as you know you aren't going to make it on time. Sometimes it is just unavoidable.
Being on time for an interview is crucial to your success in the job hunt. Try using some of these tips to make sure you arrive on time!

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