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How can I be sure my Web based training program is a good one?

Creating A Web Based Training Program: Step 4

The final step in creating a Web based training program is the review and revision process. Once people have gone through the training you can begin to address any issues that arose as the program was used. Sometimes these may simply not be apparent until the training is underway--or finished. Once identified, these issues can be adjusted and it will strengthen the training program overall. It can help to think of any revisions as a positive step.

There are many ways to review a Web based training program. User feedback is one tool that you can use to uncover any problems that may have come up along the way. You may also want to sit down and have a discussion with the web design training professional that set up the system to see what their thoughts are. They can often pinpoint any issues or see any potential problems that may be coming up down the line.

How can I look for a full-time job after I have been freelancing for a while?

From Freelance to Full-Time

If you've worked in a major city, you know how competitive it can be when it comes to finding a job in any of the creative fields. With all of the professionals who work in graphic design New York and other large cities like Chicago and Los Angeles have to offer employers, it's a good idea to sign up with a career agency to gain an edge over the competition.

Most talent agencies place people in contract positions, but many of these have the potential to become full-time jobs. If you've been working as a freelancer, this can be the perfect way to transition into a corporate environment. You'll be able to get a feel for the working conditions and see if the company is somewhere you can see yourself working on a permanent basis.

If the match is a good one, you may be offered a full-time spot once the contract term is over. If you don't see yourself staying, you can always decline and try out another contractor position through the talent agency.

What happens after the Web based training program is created and tested?

Creating A Web Based Training Program: Step 3

Once you have come up with an idea for a Web based training program and created the design for it, it's time to roll it out for people to use. If you have done all of the preparation, this step should be a fairly smooth one.

Based on the information you came up with in step two, you'll know if everyone will be doing the training at the same time, or if you will do so in stages. You can split people up by department, do it alphabetically, or in any other way that is convenient. If possible, try to choose a slow time for the training so that it won't overload anyone with extra work.

Sometimes not everyone in the company may need to complete the particular training program you have created. For example, Web developer training will probably not be extended to those in the sales department, unless it relates to their job as well. This type of specialized training may be a bit easier to implement, as it won't require a large-scale effort.

How can I find a talent agency that is a good match for my needs?

Career Agencies: Finding a Good Match

If you're one of the many designers and artists that freelance for a living, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a career agency. If you decide to try one out, be sure to select a place that specializes in the creative fields. Chances are good that they will have already established relationships with companies that have the type of work you're trying to find. If you go with an agency that's geared more toward other career fields, they might not be able to locate work for you as easily.

How can you tell if the agency is a good match? The first step is to visit their website and see what it can tell you. If you like what you see, make an appointment to speak with someone there and prepare a list of questions so that you get the answers you need. A good talent agency will be able to tell you specifics about what it is that they do and the kinds of jobs they can connect you with. Don't be afraid to shop around until you find a place that feels like it is a good fit.

How should I present a Web based training program?

Creating A Web Based Training Program: Step 2

The second step in creating a Web based training program is to actually create the material as it will be used on-line. This step will be implemented by your Web professional, although you will undoubtedly want to review and approve the final content. It is during this portion of the process that you will need to address issues such as bandwidth demand, ease of access to the material and storage.

At the beginning of the Web programming training issues may arise, such as overall speed and loading times. You may need to adjust the materials to fix these problems, and the best time to do it is during this phase. Once the training program is live, it will be more difficult to change.

Be sure and communicate with your Web professional and make any tweaks to the overall picture before you begin using it with employees. You may want to run through the finished program yourself to review it, or have a few select employees test it before you sign off on the final product.

Why should I consider having an online portfolio?

Online Portfolios

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a position at a Chicago graphic design company or hoping to start your own freelance business, you always need to have a good portfolio. In this digital age, many people are turning to the web to showcase their work, and this can be a great alternative to a traditional portfolio.

Many sites on the web offer this type of service, so a simple search can provide a good starting point. In addition, certain talent agencies may offer a bit of their own web space to help you highlight some of your best work for potential clients. Take a look around and see what's available before you settle on a website, but give it some serious consideration as an addition to your regular portfolio.

Savvy designers will understand the need to have both a physical portfolio and an online presence. It just makes sense, since you can't be sure what the client may prefer. If you have all the bases covered, you'll be able to show your best work to someone no matter where they're located.

What is the first step in creating a Web based training program?

Creating A Web Based Training Program: Step 1

If you are thinking about using some type of Web based training for your employees, the very first step is to come up with any information that you will want to include. This step is the same regardless of whether you are working on a Web page design training program or a grammar review for writers. It can help to write out the idea and your objectives for the training as well.

Once you have an idea and direction, you will need content for the training program. You may choose to hire a content writer to pull this all together, or you can always have someone in-house write the material. Content writers generally have expertise in writing for the Web, which can be an advantage in this type of situation. They may be able to package the material in a way that is more user-friendly than someone who hasn't done much writing for the Web.

Once this step is complete, it is time to talk to your Web designer about where to put the information and how to present it to your employees.

Should I consider specializing in brand management?

Brand Management

If you're employed in the marketing field, specializing in brand management can be a good way to help ensure career longevity. Brand managers work to establish a particular product in the marketplace and then maintain its visibility. Adding this type of skill to your arsenal is a good way to increase your appeal to potential employers when looking for work in the field. It's also something freelance marketing professionals may want to focus on to increase their reach.

Brand managers help position products by working on attractive packaging concepts, reviewing and evaluating the competition in terms of product placement, and increasing the brand's overall recognition. They will be involved in any re-branding campaigns, product launches, and advertising campaigns. Since not every marketing professional is a specialist in brand management, this can be a great niche to explore and add to your resume.

What is a content writer and how can they help in Web based training?

Hiring A Content Writer

A content writer is someone you may want to consider bringing on board if you are putting together a Web based training program. These writing professionals are experts in packaging writing for the Web and can help make the process of developing a training program on-line much easier.

The content writer may be willing to sit down with the Web developer and talk about design. They can help in areas such as phrasing questions well, keeping a consistent pattern or theme and making sure instructions are easy to understand. They can also help keep things concise by using bullet points, numbered items and other "Web friendly" tools.

There are many different types of content writers out there, so when hiring, make sure the person you select is right for the job. Ask if they have had any prior experience writing training materials, and see if they are willing to work with you on revisions down the line if needed.

What are some ways to know if a Web training program is a good quality one?

Quality Training

If you're going through the time and trouble to set up a Web based training program, you'll want to be sure it is a quality offering. There are some factors that you can take into consideration that will help you stay on-target for this. Here are some questions you can ask about the program to see if it measures up:

  • Is the program centered on the learner and not the content?
  • Is the material interesting?
  • Is the training interactive?
  • Does the training address different learning styles?
  • Is the training easy to access?
  • Is the material that is being presented organized well?
  • Does the material help people apply what they have learned?
  • Is the training user-friendly?
These are just some examples of the questions you can ask about any Web based training program. It doesn't matter if you are trying to come up with a new Web development training program or simply see if a current refresher program is meeting your needs; assessing the quality is a good idea.

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